Monday, March 14, 2016

Taking It Easy

I am taking it easy today. All weekend, I have been having back spasms, and it seems like they have eased some.  They have to be well tomorrow because I will be driving to Massachusetts on business and then the next day for business in Connecticut. We are off today because it's the first day of spring break at the university, then I will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday. I won't be in the office but Thursday and Friday this week.  It's going to seem pretty strange.

Anyway, my back had better be better tomorrow. I've already had to cancel this trip once because of weather, I refuse to cancel it again because of sickness.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Did anyone do anything exciting?

Oh and if you are into math: Happy Pi Day.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I am into math, but Pi Day would have gone right by me so I appreciate the heads-up. Hope you feel well enough to take your trip, Joe. Take care. <3