Wednesday, February 15, 2017

More Snow

Snow is supposed to start late tonight and continue on to late Thursday. Unlike the last 12+ inches of snow we just received, this new system is going to slowly dump 5-10 inches on us. I'm getting a little more used to the snow, but I still hate cleaning it off my car in the mornings. The snow keeps piling up though. At my office, it has already reached up past the first pane of my window. That's only like 2 feet, but that's more than I've seen since I moved to Vermont.


silvereagle said...

So that is a real Vermont Snowman!!! Send him south so I can put him in the front yard, or maybe in my bedroom even!!

Stephen said...

I can't even begin to imagine that much snow from living in the South. We think it is beautiful but that's only because we don't have to deal with it of course.

JiEL said...

Just enjoy the poetry and pleasure of that pure white snow on the ground and all over the nature.

I'd rather have those snowfalls than earth quakes, tornados, floods, forest fires or tsunamis that are going in other parts of the world.

Let the beauty of our northern winter make you happy to live in such peaceful place.
A hot coffee, hot chocolate milk, a warm house with a nice fire place are some of the pleasures of being in winter times.

AND, don't forget, that in few weeks all that snow will be melting for a wonderful Spring time and the nature will be awakening again.

Friendly yours from Montréal where we're having another 6inches of nice snow.
On Sunday, we already had 12inches...

naturgesetz said...

Where I live in Massachusetts, we've had less snow than usual until recently. The past couple of weeks are making up for it, though. By now it may be, on balance, close to average. What you're seeing this winter is probably more typical for Vermont than last winter. Nice that you've been able to ease into northern winters.