Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Politics, Ugh!

I could have written on a number of political things today. I could have written about the CNN debate between Bernie Sanders and the slithering lying fuckwad Ted Cruz over healthcare that aired last night. Or I could have written about the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education when she knows nothing about the public education system in America or the upcoming conformation of racist homophobic Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and thus the protector of civil rights. Or how Neil Gorsuch is a step backward for our country as a Supreme Court Justice. Or the Muslim ban which the Trump administration says is not a ban, but you know it is a ban because that's what they originally called it. There were any number of things I could have written about, but I am sick of politics. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what new fuck-up Trump has accomplished today. Because let's face it, he fucks something up every day he's in office. Will we even recognize our country after he is done?


JiEL said...

You have all my «Canadian» sympathy for all what is going on in your «democratic» country. (Witch had become a «dictature» since Jan.2017)

From our side of the north border, we are retaining our breath since «Trumpty Dumpty» is in Washington.
All his nominations are outrageous and against your main motto: Land of Liberty.

For sure that every stupid actions of your new president is and will be affecting us and the entire world. The reactions are as fast as he is tweeting those bad decisions. He's wrongly thinking that the other country leaders are «silly and stupid».

USA will be experiencing bad years of foreign politics and, by willing to protect your way of living and jobs, by opposing yourself to the rest of the world, those will react and USA will have the opposite results.

God has to really bless USA for the next 4 years because in Washington, there is a devilish dictator who isn't cleaning the swamp but is sinking it in more muddy, shitty selfish decisions and narrow minded politics.

Unbelievable for one who was against NYC Wallstreet and did nominate some of them in his office.
Unbelievable that many poor lower class of USA people could have believed that this multi-billionaire man would be their savior when this guy was raised in private schools for rich people.

OMG! All these make me pray for you friends from the south of our border.

Nikki said...

i fear we won't. I go to protests at my Congressmen's offices, make phone calls to them and attend meetings. I know I have to do it, but it is a long uphill slog with no guarantee we can make a difference. Heartbreaking hatred coming out of the White House and which of us could be aimed at in the future?

MJJM said...

Trump is only doing poorly according to those who feel he HAS to do poorly (and be a Nazi and a tyrant and everything else) or else they'll face the horror of everyone seeing they fretted like crazy for nothing (thus, a loss of their significance. Seriously).