Monday, February 13, 2017


Snow, snow, snow. Too much snow. We are getting more than 12 inches of snow yesterday and today. It is the most I have seen since I moved to Vermont. Quite honestly, I am not prepared for this much snow. I hope that they will delay the opening of the school (and thus the museum) or cancel school for the day. I doubt they will do either, but I can hope they will.

Luckily, they did plow the parking lot of my apartment. If the snow wasn't too much last night, I'll be able to get to work. So much uncertainty, but maybe I just worry too much.


silvereagle said...

A real snow angel !!!! The first I have seen....Damn, he is beautiful!!!!

JiEL said...

Well dear,
You're living in «NORTH» America and this is part of the «charms» of living in our part of the continent.

We are used to those kind of weather up here.
In Province of Québec, we are obliged to put snow tires on our cars frome Déc 15 till April 15.

Now, stay calm, enjoy the beauty of mother Nature.
Usually, schools and lot of other services are closed when this happens.

Keep it calm..