Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twitter Censorship

Several pictures I've posted recently have been deemed sensitive material on my Twitter account. Each post I write is simultaneously published on twitter as well with the picture. However, yesterday's picture and Monday's picture were deemed too sensitive, or I guess racy, for Twitter. I don't get it. Today's will probably meet the same fate, the difference being that in today's picture the guy is completely nude whereas the other two had on briefs. Not even their butts were showing. There was no untoward nudity in the pictures at all, so why were they censored by Twitter. I guess it's like the number of kicks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop. The world may never know.


silvereagle said...

The photos are nice in appearance and subject matter each time. You have broadened your selection of subject matter since leaving Alabama, but each selection is well selected and shows no frontal view. I find them refreshing!

Perhaps the Twitter Police should visit the major museums of the world and take action and close them immediately. If they were to see the full statue of "David" in his masculine glory, they might blow a circuit or two! (The choice of the words in that last statement were intentional.)

JiEL said...

I totally agree with with «silvereagle».

There are bigots everywhere and also many hypocrites.

Think of the Pope at his mass in the Sixtine Chapel while he lift his head to the ceiling and viewing Adam in his birth suit... LOL!!

Lot of ignorance here by those webmasters.

BosGuy said...

That strikes me as very odd since pornographic videos are allowed on Twitter. I should know, I was just watching one before I read your post.