Monday, December 11, 2017

Off to Chicago

I'm off to Chicago today. My plane leaves around 3 pm, and I should get there about 6:30 pm. I plan to have a nice dinner then settle in for the night and get ready for my interview Tuesday morning. I've got everything packed except a few Little last minute items, and then I'm ready to go.


Susan said...

Safe travels, Joe. Bundle up and ENJOY!!!

JiEL said...

As we say in French: "Aides-toi et le ciel t'aidera."
(Help yourself and the Heaven will help you)

You're the first and only reason that you succeed in your future life.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Joe. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Roderick

AlexandriaVic said...

Knock their socks off!! You got this!!

Have a little fun while you are there.

Richard said...

All the best, Joe, whatever that may prove to be.