Sunday, April 8, 2018

Broken Walls

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (KJV) ( Proverbs 25:28 )

God has given us a unique ability through the Holy Spirit...self-control. Unfortunately, we do a not-so-good job of letting our emotions, finances, and appetite for food get the best of us. Food is my major weakness. Merely shrugging our shoulders and accepting ourselves the way we are is not honoring to God. We should not allow ourselves to be at the mercies of our uncontrolled appetites. It is entirely possible to change. After all, we can do all things through Christ. Our body is a temple, and we should treat it as such.


JiEL said...


Let your Trumpty Dumpty build any walls he wants to contain in USA the spirit of HATE and VIOLENCE inside your sinful country.

Don't forget to build one between us, Canada and you to prevent that outrageous spirit to immigrate here.

I know many Americans that are more LOVE addict but must admit that HATE is mostly seen in many parts of your country....

Sorry to be such negative toward your country but not much good things are happening in USA for many years and worst since January 21st 2017...

Trevon said...

Great lesson, Joe. One that I need to do a better job putting into practice.

To the other commentator, as a black man living in America, I am well aware that our country has flaws. But, constant harping on the U.S. coming from an outsider, who has never experienced its beauty and greatness to balance out its hatred and violence, is somewhat annoying. America is a beacon of hope to the world and many of the incredible benefits that other countries enjoy are as a result of their partnership with the U.S. I know you are frustrated. I am too. The majority of America did not vote for the cheese puff who is our president and that makes me hopeful.

JiEL said...


I understand your feelings for your country and even as a black man you still are hopeful that it'll be better soon.

I've often visited USA in many states and I know how beautiful it is.
Great places to see and visit as well as I could tell you about my country, Canada which also have very nice places to see and visit.

For the USA influence in many fields throughout all the world must admit that it wasn't always for the good. Yes USA is a leading country to the democratic world but you're not the only one. Many other countries as more advanced than yours in social matters, health care for all and better treating their population.
And I'm not even thinking of your HUGE gun issues when you have over 30 000 killed by guns last years compare to few in many other countries like Japan and even Canada.

USA and Canada are good partners for decades in many ways and this is in jeopardy by the foolish views of your, as you so call, «cheese puff» president.

Hope that your midterm election will ring an outstanding bell to all Americans that it's enough to maintain such clown in Washington who has his «tiny» hands on nukes and is mistreating some people in USA.

2020 MUST be his end of his foolish administration except if Mueller can impeach him before.

Be sure that I love USA and that I know many people that are great people.
I have even some of my relatives that are Americans for a long time, living in Boston and Providence.