Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Annoying Things

Vermont can be an annoying state. With all their rules and regulations, they go overboard. Case in point, I’m having to go have my car inspected for it’s Vermont inspection. It’s already been inspected in New Hampshire where I bought it. I bought my car in New Hampshire because it was a couple of thousand dollars cheaper over there. Though it’s been inspected in New Hampshire, it is not a valid inspection in Vermont. I was told by the DMV, “We are looking for different things.” How ridiculous is that? Should all car inspections be the same no matter what state it is. I grew up in Alabama where inspections were not required. I like that way better.


JiEL said...

I don't remember but is your car a bran new 2018 one?

What you're experiencing is surely very ridiculous.
As for many other matters in USA, seems that each state has their own headache fussy regulations.
The gay marriage for example isn't the same in each USA's states..
Just saying…


Joe said...

Since the Supreme Court ruling, gay marriage is the same in every state.

Cody said...

I lived in Mississippi with my parents for part of my childhood. My grandparents lived just across the state line in Alabama. Mississippi required car inspections. Alabama did not. In Mississippi, they gave us an inspection sticker to put on the car after it passed. I remember my grandfather would always rant about "those damn bureaucrats" every time he would ride in our vehicle and see the sticker. I had no idea what he meant when I was a child. I figured it out when I got my first car. Thankfully, the days of car inspections in Mississippi are over.

JiEL said...

Well, as my gay married friends in Delaware (and their Republicans) their marriage isn't recognised in all the states.
I'll have to phone them to check it out but I'm almost sure that there are differences depending of which state.

And, between you and me, the SCOTUS could change it anytime because it's a real farce because Trumpty Dumpty is packing it with bigots and narrow minded Republican judges. Justice in USA is a real joke.

Anonymous said...

JiEL, Since 2015, same sex marriage has been recognized in all 50 states. LGBT rights do vary from state to state. For instance, LGBT employees in Georgia aren't protected from employment discrimination. But in places like California and Massachusetts, those protections are in place. The U.S. is culturally diverse and varies based on region, so much so that my aunt, who moved to Maine later in life, tells me that a Maine conservative is still more liberal than a Georgia liberal. I'm certain that, if the Supreme Court had not made it the law of the land, Georgia still wouldn't recognize same sex marriage