Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Best Friend

My best friend is arriving tomorrow night to stay for nine days. It’s nice that she can come for this amount of time. I’ve gone and stayed with her for a month before. We’ve known each other for over 15 years. We met back in graduate school and have been friends every since. She’s nervous about coming up here because she’ll be leaving her baby with her husband, but I’m sure he is more than capable of handling the baby on his own. I say baby, but I think he’s two or three now. Oh how time flies. Anyway, I plan to have a great time while she’s here, even if I have to still work most days that she’s here. We will have a good time. We are going to Montreal this weekend. She’s never been to Canada before, so this will be a new experience.

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JiEL said...

Great, Montreal is nice to see and I may suggest, if you have some time and the weather isn't good, is to visit the Picasso exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art (Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal).

Going on top of Place Ville Marie in the down town area would give you a huge view of the city and the country surrounding if the weather gives a clear sky.
The Olympic Stadium Tower is also nice to go on the top. It's the highest incline tower in the world I think.

For sure, the Old Port and Old Montreal is a must to visit.
The «Pointe à Callière» museum in the Old Port is also nice specially to see the underground discoveries of the first Montreal settlement in 1648 called at that time «Ville Marie» that natives called «Hochelaga».
As a matter of fact, I live in «Hochelaga» part of Montreal, near the Olympic Stadium.

Hope your friend will enjoy Montrealer hospitality.

Jean-Luc from Montréal