Friday, August 3, 2018


I have to work this morning then my friend and I are headed to Montreal. We are going to stop on the way and tour Ben and Jerry’s, because you really can’t come to Vermont without a visit to Ben and Jerry’s. After we get to Montreal we will settle into our hotel room then probably get dinner somewhere and roam through the gay village, just so she can see it. She can’t get into many of the places. Then we will head to the old city for Saturday, probably go to the Museum of Fine Arts, and just have a fun day in the city. I’m not for sure what we will do Sunday other than to go home.


Anonymous said...

Joe, Have a good time in Montreal with your friend. As to me, I am off to Europe for two weeks, so access to the net and your blog will be intermittent. Roderick

JiEL said...

Suggestion for Saturday at 22h,

There are some nice fireworks over the Jacques Cartier bridge on La Ronde.
One of the best place to see them is on the roof of the SKY PUB in the gay village.

If you are in the Old Montreal area, it's also a nice place but a little farther to the bridge and La Ronde.

Hope you'll have a nice visit here.

Friendly yours.
Jean Luc in Montréal.

Joe said...

I have a perfect view of the Jacques Cartier Bridge from my hotel room which overlooks the gay village. So I’ll either see it form there or from Sky Pub. Thanks..