Sunday, February 24, 2019

Genuine Affection

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; (KJV) (Romans 12:10

How sad it is to see Christians persecuting others for their religion. Of course, it's important to share our faith, but we need to do it as a light to others through love. Desecrating other religions only ostracizes and angers its followers further from wanting to learn more about the love of Christ. Use your faith for good. Respect others and keep the golden rule in mind - love one another. 

Every so often, I get comments on my blog saying either that I should not post my religious content because I show nudity on my blog or that because I am gay, I cannot be a Christian. I think: “What Would Jesus Do?” First, I delete the comments because I don’t want the negative energy or hatefulness on my blog. Second, I think that Jesus would embrace gay people just as he did the Centurion and his lover. Faith and how we live our lives is what matters. Others opinions do not. There is only one Judge and that is the Lord, My God.


JiEL said...

Well said because God is LOVE no matter who you are.
Many are diverting His message toward «human fear» of the other being different.

We see it often in all the HATE messages spreading on internet and also, sadly, in some extremist deadly actions in the world.

Living in a peaceful an loving planet seems to be to much to hope for.
The main philosophy of «Star Trek» that Gene Rodenberry wanted to show was
not only a fantasy but the vision of how humanity could positively evolve in the future.

All this based on Jesus' main law of LOVE, CHARITY and HOPE.

PS. Just saying how it's contradictory to see that where RELIGIOUS is put out front like in USA or Muslim countries, HATE and VIOLENCE is more spreading toward race, LGBT, different religion beliefs.

srr98346 said...

Totally agree. As for nudity, that's the way God created us. We are nog born with clothes on. Embrace the beauty God created!