Thursday, February 7, 2019


Since I went to Florida for work, my neck and shoulder have been bothering me. While I was in Florida, I wasn’t able to sleep because the pain was so bad. The pain isn’t as bad now as it was, but it’s still somewhat painful. It’s caused my headaches to be more intense as it involves more of my upper body. Yesterday, I had my first visit to the physical therapist. She began with a long evaluation of what was wrong and then began poking and prodding me as I turned left and right. Apparently, I have more of a problem with my left shoulder than my right, and I have bad posture and a week middle back. These are things she will be working with me on. She did show me a technique to get rid of my headaches without medicine, which worked very well since I went in with a headache and came out without one. Some of it was a bit painful, but ultimately I think it was worth it. My appointments will be weekly for now and I have three different exercises to do at home. I really hope she is successful in what she’s trying to do.


Susan said...

Joe, I wish you all the best with your PT. I had many, many weeks of it after rotator cuff surgery. It can be grueling, but so effective. And doing those at-home exercises are essential for your best-possible outcome. Good luck and take care. <3

Anonymous said...

Joe, yes, Susan is right. I just hope that the improvement coming from the exercises continues and helps end all your physical problems. Affectionately, Roderick

Michael Ampersant said...

I had trouble like this, and it turned out to be "muscle weakness." In my case, simple workout exercises (push ups) made the problem go away.