Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Mortal Lease

The Mortal Lease

 byEdith Wharton



Because our kiss is as the moon to draw

The mounting waters of that red-lit sea

That circles brain with sense, and bids us be

The playthings of an elemental law,

Shall we forego the deeper touch of awe

On love’s extremest pinnacle, where we,

Winging the vistas of infinity,

Gigantic on the mist our shadows saw?


Shall kinship with the dim first-moving clod

Not draw the folded pinion from the soul,

And shall we not, by spirals vision-trod,

Reach upward to some still-retreating goal,

As earth, escaping from the night’s control,

Drinks at the founts of morning like a god?

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