Monday, February 4, 2019

Yet Another Monday

The Super Bowl basically sucked. I found it rather boring. The commercials, usually the best part, were mediocre at best. There were a few standouts: Mercedes, T-Mobile, and, my favorite, Amazon Alexa. I found the Washington Post ad to be rather moving, but the rest, I just wasn’t that impressed. What did you think?

I also had a terrible headache yesterday. The worst I’ve had in four years. I took the maximum amount of pain killers I could and spent most of the day in bed. Finally my headache eased enough for me to make dinner and watch the Super Bowl. The headache never did go away fully. I went to bed with it still bothering me.

So with such a sucky Sunday, let’s hope it’s a better Monday.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I fully agree with your commercial comments although for me the guy in the Mercedes commercial was so HOT; he made that one the best for me. :)

As for the game itself, more TDs would have been more exciting. I guess both teams' defense was just too good.