Saturday, March 23, 2019

Pic of the Day


Anonymous said...

Lets see what is under the towel. Yup you are a big man

JiEL said...

So many souvenirs of the times I was going to saunas in Montreal.

One time, there was that kind of Mr.Clean, muscled, bald 40ish man that followed me in the sauna in which we were alone both of us. He sat on one side and me on the other side facing him.
Than it was obvious he wanted to have some sexual encounter with me until he unwrapped his towel and showed he «tools»...
OMFG! I'd never seen such a VERY HUGE (I mean VERY HUGE HUGE) penis.
That was too much for me and just even thinking of putting it in any of my holes just made me scared and horrified. I quickly attached tightly my own towel around my waist and took off out of the sauna.

Big dicks can be nice to some man, but to me, I like better uncut normal size ones.