Sunday, July 7, 2019



JiEL said...

In USA, the FREEDOM in the Spirit of the Lord is a bit an elastic notion….

Sorry but I'm not into very «religious» stuff when I see ALL the damage many «religions» are doing to that so call «FREEDOM» of men and women.

Dylan said...

JiEL, Some of the greatest acts of terror in history were committed by irreligious people, like Stalin, Zendong, Pol Pot, and (more than likely) Jung-un, Castro, and Hitler. Most communist states are atheist states. I do not believe religion is the problem, just as I do not believe the lack of religion is the problem.

JiEL said...

DYLAN I wasn't commenting on «terror bloody actions» but more about the insidious and hypocrite way religion is trying to control the lives of their constituents.

The implication of religion in politics is one of many ways they are getting some more power.
In Islamic countries as example, when they stand on the Shariah law, they're denying many freedoms like the one for women and LGBT.
In another example, in some USA's most «religious» states, there are also double standards compare to more «liberal» states.

Thank my God, I live in Canada and more lucky to live in Montréal, Province de Québec.

BTW, Adolf Hitler and Castro were Christians…. LOL!!