Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to my four day weekend. I don’t plan to do anything, but it will be a nice few days of relaxation. Thankfully, I have my cold water back and a nice new toilet. It’s no fun having no cold water in the midst of summer. Other things are looking up too. I finally bought an air conditioner for my bedroom. Now I don’t sweat as much at night.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Joe, which is reassuring. Please do look after yourself. Roderick

naturgesetz said...

I'm surprised that you need an air conditioner living up there in "the frozen North" (as I call everything north of the Massachusetts border). LOL

JiEL said...


I live in Montréal, the country of «We the North», but in summer times like in July, we have lot of HEAT weather as much as we can count some deaths caused by the extreme heat.

Since Sunday, we're having temperatures over the 30-32°C (85-90°F) and with the humidity factor it'll be over 35°C of sensation.
So not surprising that Joe needs a air conditioner machine to be at ease in his bedroom.

Myself, in my 5 1/2 appartement home I have 4 of them to keep it confortable.

In Province of Québec, most of the «bad» weather, heat waves, big rain, snow tempest and most of all «pollution», are coming from USA… LOL!
As all bad news are coming from you, dear neighbors.. LOL!!