Friday, November 8, 2019

Conference Session

Today is the last day of my conference. I will be moderating a session on oral history today. I will essentially be asking questions to three of New England’s best oral historians. I’m hoping that the session goes as I have planned. I did organize it after all, so unless my panelists have other ideas, it should go as planned. My session happens to be the last session of the conference, and if everyone who says they are going goes, then we should have a good crowd.


bignate said...

Break a leg!

Anonymous said...


I second bignate. Best of outcomes to you.
May you become the conference superstar!


Anonymous said...

Very impressive Joe. Hope it goes well, Roderick

J. F. Belfort said...

Congratulations! ^^

Joe said...

The conference session went extremely well, even if each of them did a presentation instead of the format I’d planned on. I’d planned on it being a discussion and I would be asking the questions. Also, they put us in a small room, I guess because they thought there wouldn’t be a lot of interest. We ended up bringing in extra chairs and there was still standing room only. People were actually spilling out the doors.