Saturday, September 25, 2010

My New Assistant


Yeah, I didn’t really hire  this guy as my new assistant, but I can dream, right?

Sometimes we just need a break and a moment of beauty or a moment of Zen to make our day a little better.

Have a great weekend guys!  The posts about circumcision will resume on Monday.  I think I have just about decided that on Saturdays I will post a Moment of Zen pic, one that is beautiful and can just transport us to a new place.  On Sundays, I will try to post gay resources of some kind or something inspirational.  It is hard for me to leave this blog to just three days a week.


fan of casey said...

Joe: I thought we settled this on Cocks, Asses & More that he had to lose the pants before he could assist you with anything. :-)

JoeBlow said...

FOC, yeah, we did, but I just like him for my Moment of Zen.