Monday, December 13, 2010

A Wonderful New Blog


There is a wonderful new blog that I wanted to tell you guys about.  The blog is Horny Fiction and like the title says, it is a blog of erotic gay fiction.  Jay is a wonderful writer, whose stories will keep you warm on these cold winter nights.  I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do.  He posts daily, and these stories are what I read at night, just before bed.


My favorite story has been "The Snow Globe." The single soldier in the snow reminded me of a story I once heard (and I may not have it totally correct, but here goes):

One Christmas, while Russia was still being ruled by the Czars, one of the princesses looked out the window into the courtyard of the palace during a holiday event.  She noticed a single solitary soldier standing guard in the middle of the courtyard.  She wondered why he stood out there alone.  So she went and asked her father, the Czar.  The Czar went to the window and looked out and saw the soldier.  He told his daughter that he had no idea why the soldier stood guard there.  "He has been there for as long as I can remember.  I will find out why he stands guard over the inner courtyard," said the Czar.
So the Czar went to the captain of the palace guards and asked him why the soldier stood guard there.  The captain did not know; he only knew that it was tradition for a guard to stand in that spot.  The Czar asked how the tradition began.  The captain did not know.  So the Czar went to the palace historian and asked him to find the answer.  The historian searched the archives and finally found the original order dating back to when the palace had first been built.  He rushed to the Czar with the news of what he had found.  During the first winter at the palace, a princess had seen a single solitary flower growing out of the snow.  It had given color to its dreary snow covered surroundings.  She had run to her father and told him of the flower and begged for a guard to be placed at the flower so that nothing would happen to it.  And thus the Czar ordered a soldier to stand guard over the flower and for guards to rotate duties around that spot to protect the flower.  Long after the flower had withered and died, and the princess had forgotten about the flower, and the Czar had never paid any attention to his order again, a single guard continued to stand over that spot in the courtyard, since no one had ever given the order for that spot to no longer be guarded.  As the years, decades, and centuries went by, no one questioned the order for a guard to stand in that single spot in the courtyard.  And thus, no matter what the weather, a guard had stood there for centuries guarding a flower that had ceased to exist.
Now, this story is not the only thing I thought when I read it.  The story itself is wonderfully erotic.  It is a tender and beautiful story, and I absolutely loved it.  Definitely one of his bests.   

There are many other stories on the site as well. The Hitchhiker series is another favorite.  Go check it out.


storyman3119 said...

Thanks for your support. Hope your fans of your blog enjoy the stories as much as you do.




Anonymous said...

Joe: I did read Snowglobe, it was a nice story that has potential for followup chapters.

JoeBlow said...

storyman, keep up the great work.

Anon, I hear there is a sequel to Snow Globe coming up.