Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moment of Zen: The Love of a Pet

My cat, and we will call her The Queen (she's named after a famous queen), is my loyal companion.  Grant it, she believes that she owns the house, but she can be an extremely loving creature.  A prime example of this is when I come home from school in the afternoon.  I am usually exhausted and head upstairs to lay down for a few minutes.  It never fails that not only was she waiting for me either on the stairs or at the door when I come in, as soon as I lay down, she lays down beside me half on my chest to get her daily dose of cuddling.

I realize that there are people out there that don't like cats.  I personally am not a dog person, but I know some people are, so here is part two of today's Moment of Zen: The Love of  Pet.

Do you have a furry friend that is your most loyal companion?


becca said...

aw how sweet i love to hear about pets and how they make people happy. my son has a dwarf hamster that sits on his desk while he does homework it's really very cute.

Jay M. said...

We won't even get into cats...I love them but won't have one again...long story.

My dog is my best friend. He's been with me for over 12 years now, since he was barely 6 weeks old, and just off momma's milk. It doesn't matter how bad the day has been, he can make me feel better. I'll be sad when he's gone!

Peace <3

Vilges Suola said...

Ah, my cat William! I acquired him in Athens in 1991, was his 'khazobabas' (doting daddy) for 14 years, paid nearly £1000 to get him to my mother's in England when I left Greece and could no longer have him with me. He died 3 years ago of an injury to his leg, aged 17. Had it not been for that, he might just still be here. I still miss him.

DeepBlue said...

We're not allowed to keep pets in the house we live. But as soon as we get out of here, I'm sure gonna get one, maybe two... and more!

Uncutplus said...

MoJo, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is the love of my life. Extremely intelligent, he understands everything we say, sometimes even when we spell it instead. He loves to play ball retrieving a tennis ball, taking hikes, but also being just a companion. He would like to be a lap dog, but his short legs preclude his ability to jump high enough to get on the furniture. He is now 8 years old and seems a little arthritic some days, but always eager to play.

JoeBlow said...

Becca, I bet that little hamster is so cute.

Jay, I've always learned that when I talk about pets that I have to mention dogs too. People always seem offended that I have always had a slight fear of dogs and thus don't really like them. Dogs do make wonderful pets for some people, just not me.

VS, my Queen is currently 13, or she will be in Sept. My cat before her lived to be 18yo. Cats really do make wonderful companions.

DeepBlue, pets are a wonderful friend to have. Most of them love you unconditionally.

Uncutplus, dogs and cats can be incredibly intelligent. The other day I was laying on my couch, and the Queen wanted it for herself. So she proceeded to stand behind a door and begin to meow really loudly so that I would get up and see if something was wrong. When I looked behind the door, there she was looking up at me lovingly. While I was up, I went into the kitchen and when I came back, there she was on the couch, purring away. She's clever, but spoiled.

Jay M. said...

Ah, you should meet my Bullwinkle! You'd melt! He's so gentle and friendly. Of course, if you're afraid of drowning, then no dice, he can slobber you to death!

Peace <3

JoeBlow said...

Jay, I don't hate dogs, and there are some that are really sweet and gentle, which I am sure that Bullwinkle is.