Thursday, August 16, 2012

TMI Books

On Sean's blog, Just a Jeep Guy (Jeeps are my favorite vehicle, by the way), he posted on Tuesday "TMI TUESDAY QUESTIONS: BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS."  And I decide that because of my love of books and because my love of books in the gay genre of fiction helped me with coming to terms with my own sexuality, that I would answer his questions.  So here we go:


1. eBooks or real books? If an eBook: Kindle, Nook or other?

Though I occasionally read books on my iPad or the Kindle app on my phone, I prefer the feel and smell of reading a real book. There is just something about turning the page that I love, and I love having books around my house, even if I don't always have a place for them.

2. Which book are  you currently reading?

Currently, I am reading Sleeping Angel by Greg Herren.  I will blog more about the recent books that I have read and am reading tomorrow.

3. How many books have you read in 2012? How has reading blogs, FB, and/or tweeting affected your book reading?

Not nearly as many as I would like to have read.  It's been a really busy year, and though I have probably started on 3 or 4 dozen different books, I think that I have only finished maybe half a dozen.

4. What genre(s) of book do you enjoy reading?

I love reading mysteries, but more fun gay fiction is nice too.  I tend to read kind of trashy gay books filled with a fair amount of sex, LOL.  I also enjoy action adventure books like from author Steve Berry, Dan Brown, Will Adams, etc.  those books tend to have a historical feel to them that I enjoy.

5. Have you read the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex? Helpful?

Yes, and maybe a little.


What was the first erotic novel you read that matched your sexual orientation? 

Hmm, I'm going to have to think on that one.  It would have had to have been a book I ordered from, because our local bookstores did not carry such books.  Though I used to love the gay stories in "Penthouse Letters." I read a fair number of gay short stories and stuff on Nifty Archives.  However, I do remember the first gay book I ever bought which was Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin. I actually got up the nerve to go in the local Barnes and Nobles and buy it.  Though not erotic by today's standard, it was pretty damn erotic to me because I was reading about gay men for the first time.


SEAN said...

Loved your answers. I'm picking up so many books to add to my wish list.
Thanks for participating!

Coop said...

#4: I'm a fan of mysteries and thrillers. (Agatha Christie, Donna Leon, John LeCarre. And some of the Swedish stuff. (Henning Mankell and Steig Larsson). An overdose of the scary Swedish stuff prompted me to detour into the 44 Scotland Street series.

I've never read gay fiction. Honest. :) I'll put Giovanni's room on my list. At this rate it will be 2015 by the time I get to it. (rolls eyes).

Will said...

As long as it isn't the original Joy of Sex with the shocking chapter on gay sex that read like it was written by a total homophobe.

I'm a non-fiction guy: history and biography predominantly because there is still so much I want to know about the world and how its peoples got to where we are today. Recently, any fiction has been limited petty much to gay fiction -- Alan Hollinghurst, Ethan Mordden and a very few others.