Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Busy Summer

First let me say, this post is not a complaining post.  Usually each summer I'm bored with very little to do.  This summer has started out with a bang.  I was away on the cruise for the first week.  And then I have been meeting a number of guys.  They seem to be lining up, though not as many as in the picture above.  This week has been particularly wild, as on Monday, I went to hang out and see a movie with a new friend of mine.  We had originally started out dating, but the romance just wasn't there for me.  Also, I guess maybe I'm a little greedy or I don't know what I want, but I'm not through exploring my newfound boldness just yet.  However, we have agreed to be friends and we plan on hanging out mathura day night as well.

In addition, yesterday, I was talking to about five different guys, which includes the for end above.  One, I'm hoping to meet soon and he seems really nice.  We've had some wonderful conversations.  I'm not sure where it will lead.  He seems a bit nervous and shy about me, though it don't understand why.  I certainly not anything to be nervous over.  In fact, I'm the one who's supposed to be the nervous jittery one.

Then I was chatting with the "guy next door," the neighbor I grew up next to, who wants to hang out today.  If our schedules actually coincide for once, this is my plan for today. Probably, we will begin a friendship that should have started many years ago.  We've already become friends while texting each other, so it can only become more, I think.

Then there was some online flirting with a guy on Twitter.  I know it won't lead to anything, but it was nice to have a little naughty fun.  The guy has an amazing ass, by the way.  Just thought I throw that out there.  I do love to flirt and it's so much fun.

The fifth guy is one of my best friends.  We talk daily,even though he lives in another state.  We always have so much fun, and I'm so happy for him and his wonderful boyfriend.  They both have found wonderful people.

When you count that last night, I went to a friends birthday party, and Friday night, I will have my niece, this week is a busy week.  It's not usual that I have something everyday of the week to do, and I love it.  Even though I do long to be home during the day and read a good book and enjoy a little solitude every now and then.

So the summer has started out very busy for my social calendar, and it might not last.  Who knows what the future holds, but we will see what the rest of this summer holds.  I might have to cut down on my socializing because if it keeps up, my finances won't be able to keep up.  So, that is one thing that will slow down my summer, but I'm okay with that, I guess. Dating is expensive though.

How are y'all's summer going?  Anything interesting or fun.  I know a lot of you still work over the summer, we can't all be teachers.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your social calendar is filling up so nicely. It's good to stay busy with friends, potential friends, what could turn out to a relationship or even just flirting and "getting a little NSA action". It's all good. And it's clear that your new boldness is paying off. Way to go. Enjoy this summer, it's off to a great start!!

naturgesetz said...

Great way to start the summer!

Coop said...

Hi Joe

My summer hasn't yielded anything fun just yet. There's a new professional opportunity on the horizon for me so I've been dealing with the red tape end of that.
And working... and consulting with various eye docs. (I'm very nearsighted, so "we" are documenting the profile of my optic nerve in case signs of glaucoma showed up).

I'm glad your summer is starting off so well. ;-)

silvereagle said...

Idle hands are the devil's workshop....well, he might as well leave you alone this summer, certainly will not be idle at any time!! But, if you find those hands roaming somewhere with a hot guy, let them roam anyway!!!

Have a great summer, and it sounds as though you will!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really great! What a line up!

I'll be sweating under the yoke of work this summer. I hope to get away July 3-6, since we're off. That will be the most time off I'll get until this fall when things settle down. At least we have 3 day weekends starting next week.

Peace <3