Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Every Day

Every Day
Written by Jeffrey Steele and Alissa Moreno
Recorded by Rascal Flatts

You could've bowed out gracefully
But you didn't
You knew enough to know
To leave well enough alone
But you wouldn't
I drive myself crazy
Tryin' to stay out of my own way
The messes that I make
But my secrets are so safe
The only one who gets me
Yeah, you get me
It's amazing to me

How every day
Every day, every day
You save my life

I come around all broken down and
Crowded out
And you're comfort
Sometimes the place I go 
Is so deep and dark and desperate
I don't know, I don't know

How every day
Every day, every day
You save my life

Sometimes I swear, I don't know if 
I'm comin' or goin'
But you always say something
Without even knowin'
That I'm hangin' on to your words
With all of my might and it's alright
Yeah, I'm alright for one more night-
Every day
Every day, every day, every day
Every day, every day
You save me, you save me, oh, oh, oh
Every day
Every, every, every day-

Every day you save my life

Jeffrey Steele, one of the song's co-writers, was inspired to write down the title after meeting singer Sarah Buxton at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. Buxton told Steele about her roommate, saying "Every day, she saves my life". Steele then went home thinking about a lyric. Later on, while at a songwriting seminar in Colorado, Steele met songwriter Alissa Moreno, who was playing a melody on the piano. Steele then sang the title that he had written alongside Moreno's melody, they worked on the lyric and melody, and the song was completed. He then sent the song to record producer Dann Huff, who recommended the song to Rascal Flatts. The group then recorded it for their Still Feels Good album, giving Moreno her second outside cut as a songwriter.

A friend sent me the lyrics to this song in a very sweet card.  In the card, he wrote about all the reasons he thought this song described me.  The thing is, it really describes him from my perspective.  He's always been there for me when I was down.  He's always been their encouraging me to be a better person, and I really do try.  I value our friendship and though my friend may say that every day, I save his life, he's the one that saves mine everyday by being my friend.  Through thick and thin, he's a true friend.  I love you, my friend.


Michael Dodd said...

Years ago when I was describing my feelings for a group of friends to a counselor, the counselor interrupted me: "Of course, you love those guys. They saved your life."

It was simple and true.

Jay M. said...

I've loved this song since its release for exactly the way you describe it. It describes my love for my friends, and conversely, theirs for me. Great piece.

Peace <3

Amanda said...

Wonderful words. That's so thoughtful that your friend sent that to you. :)