Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sometimes an afternoon nap is exactly what you need, at least I do.  I know there are some people out there who can't nap, but I love them.  I used to come home each afternoon, snuggle with HRH, and, many days, take a thirty minute to an hour nap before it was time to start cooking supper.  I haven't napped much in the last week or so because she hasn't been here demanding that I be still.

Last night I came to my room after supper, and I laid down.  It had been quite an exhausting day.  So I laid down, quite similar to the picture above (I did peruse a little porn), and tried to "cat" nap.  I just couldn't.  I knew I didn't want to nap long because I wanted to watch the new NCIS: New Orleans.  However, sleep never came, so I got up and went and watched NCIS, which I never do, and waited for NCIS: New Orleans to come on.  It wasn't too bad, and I will give it a shot and at least watch a few episodes of it.  I always love seeing New Orleans, though I'd rather be there in person.

Naps are not a luxury I have right now.  I hope I will be able to nap again soon.  At some point things will have to slow down, and I will have tog,et used to not snuggling with HRH.  I usually sleep better at night, if I've had a nap, and it certainly helps by making it easier to wake up the next morning and start a new day, though a shower and coffee also does wonders for that.

By the way, I know this post is kind of random, but does this week feel like it is going by incredibly slowly.  I kept thinking all day yesterday that it was Thursday.  I was so sad when I realized that it was only Tuesday.


GK said...

You are still grieving Joe and that is okay for sure. You'll get there. Thanks for being so REAL in a world that is far from it. What a blessing you are to so many of us. Oh, and the picture isn't bad either..nice choice.

Anonymous said...

Naps are a great way to recharge. Unfortunately I've never been able to nap unless I'm sick - my brain just never quiets down enough to fall asleep. But recharge is essential so I either go to the gym or sit someplace quiet and read. Both are so different experiences but both seem to work for me. Change always disrupts our routines but I know you'll get back into your normal routine of napping and managing your busy schedule. You are still healing and feeling the big hole HRH left. You'll get there and suddenly one day things will right themselves and you'll look back and be proud of yourself for pushing through another trial and coming out stronger.

Anonymous said...

That guy naps like I do! Right after a (yeah, you know what), and seldom does my hand get much farther away than his!

I know you're still roiled by HRH's passing, and that's to be expected. There are days I come in wishing I was being greeted by 85 pounds of furball wanting to go romp outside, and it's been 3 years now. So you're 100% normal if you can't get back into your usual routine yet.

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

I certainly understand why you miss HRH.

Naps are good. I don't have a routine for them. Sometimes when I'm feeling a little sleepy, I'll take a short nap. But if I've stayed up way too late (4 hours or less sleep), I'll take a long nap — 1 ½, 2, or more hours to catch up. And sometimes, when I'm sleep-deprived, I'll go back to sleep after a one hour nap, and i'll end up napping for 3 or 4 hours.

When he was running for Vice President in 1960, Henry Cabot Lodge, jr., took a nap every afternoon, in his pajamas.