Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Day...

Another day, another half dollar.  That's always been my joke about our salaries, since we make about half what public school teachers make. Fifteen teaching days, two exam review days, and three half days of exams and this school year will be behind us. Push on, persevere, and get it done.
P.S. I have basically had a headache all weekend, it was worse yesterday.  By the time church was over, it was so bad, I had to have someone drive me home.  I'm hoping it will be better today.  Since I've been on the new medicines, the headaches have been coming about once a week, instead of everyday, and rarely last over 48 hours.  It's a major improvement, but this is why this post is relatively short.
P.S.S.  Some of you have written me emails over the last few days, please know that I will get them answered in the next day or so.  I truly do love hearing from y'all.


Susan said...

The fact that you continue to get headaches with the new meds, even at a reduced rate, is concerning. I hope you will discuss this ongoing problem with your doctor if you haven't already. Good luck with getting to the end of the school year. :)

JiEL said...

Other country other ways...

Here in Province of Quebec, I've been teaching (37years) in both, public and private high schools, and the pay conditions were the SAME..

More, I was teaching 17 years in a private high school and we had even more advantages than in the public ones.
More sick days and cumulative also.
Better group health insurance advantages than the public one.

This is easily comprehensive because if the private schools were not paying like the public schools, they would have problem to hire good teachers...

There are very good teachers in the public system but the private schools tend to have the BEST ones.

Private schools here also give a better education than the public system.
Public system is ok but tend to lower the standards. Many good students there also but the «cream» of the best are in private schools...

Having the same working conditions is part of the unions of teachers that are taking care of our working contracts for a long time now.
Many strikes but we gain alot through all of it.

greenbeltandy said...

As someone that has been a headache sufferer over parts of my life, I feel your pain!

Once school is over, my advise would be to have a complete physical exam. Sometimes headache pain can radiate from other sources.

My last bout was referred pain from a strain in the left side of my neck. Once you find the source, they become a lot more manageable.

Since you have a BF, perhaps ask him to massage your neck and temples, as sometimes that has brought considerable relief in my case.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that your school year is almost over. And, I've always said teachers should be paid more. They are too overworked and under appreciated. I applaud you.

Hope your headaches will gradually continue to get better. This may sound weird but it's been known that if you grind your teeth that can cause headaches too. Just something to think about. ((Hugs))

Jay M. said...

I am glad life is more bearable. The lessening of the headaches, even with still having them, must be a great relief.

We have nearly 6 weeks left, including exams. I think most of us will explode before then. June 12 is our last day, but I am off to work Special Olympics, so I don't care! Of course, school being out just means 45 days off hell for me, doing things that are typically boring and tedious, but can't be done during the school year.

You can make it!

Peace <3

SteveXS said...

Joe, I've read about Botox as a therapy for migraines. At least you'd look as if it didn't hurt!