Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moment of Zen

Today's Moment of Zen does not have a subtitle.  Quite honestly, I just couldn't come up with one because the picture with its hint of something more is one Moment of Zen, but it's not the one I want to talk about.  I didn't know what picture to use for my true Moment of Zen, so I used the one above because I really like it for many different reasons and because I've wanted to use it as a moment of Zen, but didn't know what I would title it as either.  So the picture and today's Moment of Zen are two different things.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about going to the doctor and being diagnosed with cluster headaches and how my doctor had ordered a CT scan.  At the time, I was worried how I'd pay the $300 copay.  I was so gratified that several of you sent in donations to help with the expense.  (For those who did donate, there are handwritten thank you notes coming to you in the mail.  I haven't been able to write them until now because I've shook so much from the prednisone treatment that I really couldn't write very legibly.). And here is the moment of Zen.  When I received donations, it wasn't enough to pay for the whole copay, but it would go a long way to helping with the cost and I am extremely grateful; however, when I arrived yesterday morning for my CT scan, the office lady said she needed to discuss the copay with me.  She told me that my copay was $300, but the problem is that if a patient is paying without insurance, they only charge $175.  I had the choice of paying the $300 copay for Blue Cross Blue Sheild, or they would not file on my insurance and I could simply pay the $175.  I was pretty happy with that, but here is the true miracle (and it happened on Good Friday), the amount of donations I received to help with the expense was exactly $175.  I could not believe it.  I told a friend of mine who knows my financial troubles and reads my blog about this and his response was "Someone is watching over you."  And it's true.  I do believe God is watching over me. This to me is a true moment of Zen.


Susan said...

This is wonderful, Joe. I am so happy for you. The true cost of medical procedures continues to be unexplainable and a mystery. Several years ago I had an accident and was taken to the Emergency Room. Soon after I received a bill for use of the ambulance. What they ended up accepting in payment after my lawyer contacted them was about 1/3 the original charge.

Hope all continues to be well for and you have a lovely Easter.

Michael Dodd said...

When I left the monastery at the past-ripe old age of 53, leaving behind a life of security and starting out on a life of uncertainty, I told people that I felt like I was constantly stepping out over an abyss. But that each time I stepped, a hand from SomeWhere rose to hold me up. Glad that hand is holding you secure, too.

Amanda said...

That's so awesome Joe. Yes He is watching over you. :)

Unknown said...

I managed to help out. Hope it helps.

Peace <3

Unknown said...

Awesome! How I didn't see this, but I commented on it, I'll never know! Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Peace <3