Saturday, November 7, 2015

Moment of Zen: Ice Cream

I'm taking my family to tour the Ben & Jerry's Factory today.  I've never been either but it should be lot of fun.


Susan said...

OMG! Enjoy! I wish I was going with you! I love Ben & Jerry's. Have a super time and a lick for me! :-)

JiEL said...

Have fun with this nice visit of Ben & Jerry's.

We have some B&J places here in Montreal too.

This picture is showing Alexander Ludwig from Vikings..
A so sexy blond guy... MMMMMMM!!!
I'd lick his ice cream anytime.... LOL!!

silvereagle said...

Know your day has been great with the family...!!! Ice cream alone would make it good!!! And all the news from home will make it Great!!!

naturgesetz said...

No doubt "a good time was had by all." Or as the English style teachers would have us say, "All had a good time."