Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Day Off

I'm taking a day off from blogging.


Michael Dodd said...

According to tradition, when the apostle John was an elder in Ephesus, his hobby was raising pigeons. It is said that on one occasion another elder passed his house as he returned from hunting and saw John playing with one of his birds. The man gently chided him for spending his time so frivolously.

John looked at the hunter’s bow and remarked that the string was loose. “Yes,” said the elder, “I always loosen the string of my bow when it’s not in use. If it stayed tight, it would lose its resilience and fail me in the hunt.”

John responded, “And I am now relaxing the bow of my mind so that I may be better able to shoot the arrows of divine truth.”

Blesseddruidess said...

I just found your blog and as a person who grew up in the Church of Christ, I left because I am a lesbian. Now, much older, I find myself longing for the church again. I would love to talk to you more on things. Please email me at and let's set up a time I can pick your brain. I have been feeling lost on this subject and need some help.