Friday, August 5, 2016

Doctor's Appointment

After months of waiting, I finally get to see my new doctor today. There are a lot of things I want to talk to him about. I need to discuss my depression. While it has gotten better, I still have more depressed days than happy days. I also have some side effects of my antidepressants that I need to discuss with him. In addition to this, I need to fill him in on my headaches and how I have cluster headaches and migraines. Furthermore, I have been having a lot of back pain in the recent months, and I want to know his suggestions. Then there is always my hypertension and cholesterol.

I am excited about seeing my new doctor. His picture looks quite sexy (no that is not him above). Sexiness aside, I have questions though that I really want answered or at least discussed. This appointment is a "get to know me" appointment and not a physical. I expect to go back for a physical and to get some blood work done. It has been quite a while since I've been tested for STDs/STIs (whatever they call them these days). While I don't believe I have anything, I do want to be tested and have a clean bill of health on that front. As a gay man, I believe it is important to be regularly tested and it is something I haven't always done.

This will be the first doctor that is not connected to family. I did have one doctor in graduate school, but I rarely went to him. This will be the first time in my life that I am going to a doctor for regular health maintenance that either did not work with a family member or that my family did not go to also. It's a new experience for me, and I hope it allows me to be freer and more open with this new doctor. I no longer have to worry that any private health issues would get back to my family. Not that healthcare laws allow that, but it's always been a concern of mine.


Susan said...

I am so happy your quest to find a doctor is coming to fruition. Being in Vermont a little over 10 months and without a permanent health-care provider can be a little scary. Best of luck. <3

Michael Dodd said...

"His picture looks quite sexy."

Tom and I recently signed up for a new doctor because of our move to Madison. He looked quite cute in the photo and Tom remarked to the woman setting up the appointments that he was very young.

"Oh, that's the picture they took when he joined the clinic back in the 1990s."