Thursday, August 10, 2017

Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Lemke once went by the name Benjamin Bradley. He was a popular performer in the mid-2000s for companies like Falcon Studios and Buckshot. He also posed the underwear company Ginch Gonch. 

In a sad turn of events, Lemke has found himself in middle of a fight for his life. He’s dealing with his second bout of Non-Hodgekin’s Lymphoma. 

Lemke has a large metastatic tumor in his neck that is growing larger and has begun pushing up against his jugular. In addition to that, he has developed several cavity lung lesions. As a result, he has been in and out of the hospital for the past month. 

His partner, Alfred Robles, has started a YouCaring fundraising campaign to help cover Lemke’s expenses. 

“He currently has exhausted all funds for cancer treatments, and we have maxed out all credit cards paying for his medical expenses and covering his health care needs,” Robles writes. 

So far, Robles has raised about $8,600 of his $12,000 goal. 

“If you have ever met or known Benjamin, you have been touched by his upbeat, loving, one-of-a-kind personality,” Robles says. 

Here’s wishing Lemke a full recovery.


1 comment:

JiEL said...

Never ending story that in USA LIBERTY country only money talks.

Even your health is at stake when you live in USA.
If he had been li PAY for some treatments.

As long as USA's politic men are debating on «health care insurance» to enrich those insurance companies and leave so many USA people uncovered, many will die because of not being able to PAY for health care.

Since October 2016 I was diagnosed diabetese type 2 and went often to hospital to be monitored by doctors, nurse and nutitionist. THAT is FREE for us.

Also, last July 19th, after seeing my doctor, having a colonoscopy and 3 types of scans, I had a surgery taking out a 2cm cancer tumor with 12inches of my colon.
Surgery by laparoscopy and 5 days in a hospital.
ALL that FREE.. Never had to pay for anything.

I'll be followed by my surgeon and maybe have to have some chimiotherapy but all that FREE.

Our healthcare system is maybe not the best but at least we don't have to raise money to be treated.
No need to show a credit card here.

Thank God, I live in Montreal, Canada.