Monday, August 7, 2017

Game of Thrones

If you have not watched the latest episode, read no further. There may be spoilers ahead.

Holy hell, last night was intense. The attack on King's Landing/The Loot Train with the dragon was marvelous. No wonder there was no preview description before the episode. 

Each previous episode has left me feeling down. The defeat of the Greyjoys and the Dornish, then the defeat of the Tyrells, ending with Lady Olenna's death. They left you feeling helpless, but last nights episode gives you hope.


JiEL said...

YOP! I've watched it too and it was breathtaking.

Special to see that there could be a kind of romance beginning between John Snow and Kalessi... Kit Harington is so «sexy» not surprised he could end up by Kalessy's side as king.

Joe said...

Until he finds out that she's his biological aunt. Bran hasn't had the chance to tell him that yet.

BosGuy said...

I had to wait to see the episode before reading your post and I agree with your sentiments. The battle scene last weekend more than made up for all the recent defeats and was so cool.

Soul Yaoi said...

Love GOT!