Saturday, August 12, 2017

Moment of Zen: Flat Stomach

Something I wish I had.


Anonymous said...

Joe, don't we all? But if you do, buy a stationary bicycle and use it daily. But you surely don't have space for one. R

JiEL said...

We all wish it too BUT, we are as we are and I think that this is just an artificial and superficial wish pushed by the false research for «beauty».

Isn't it more sexy to be wise and intelligent with real cultural knowledge than being an empty minded muscle dude with no brain?
Too many of them and their the ones that elected a moron in office in USA.

Our «see me» society is falsely seeking for those superficial «gods».
Just seeing the stars in movies as Chris Hemsworth, Zack Efron, Chris Pine etc.
They are super stars because of their apparence.

False gods to me.

Just be happy, intelligent and if your physical body doesn't fit in this society stereotypes, well fuck them.

The most intelligent peoples aren't those who would make center fold of «Playgirl», no?
Steven Hawkin is a brillant mind but not the sexier according to our society standards of «beauty».

Beauty is something very fragile: just have an accident or a bad health condition and you'll loose it.
But who you are and what brillant mind you have nobody or anything can get that out of you.

Be happy to be what you are.

What I often say to myself: "Those who like me can follow me, all the others that aren't, they can go and fuck themselves... " ;-)