Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Falling Apart

I feel like I’m falling apart. First, it was my headaches that have become more frequent and severe. Then I was diagnosed with a severe case of sleep apnea. Now, and since Sunday, I have had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. Since this could mean any number of severe conditions, I called to see my doctor on Monday. I couldn’t get in to see him, so they had me see another doctor on staff. The good thing is after her exam, she ruled out appendicitis, but she couldn’t figure out what else was wrong. So she ordered some blood tests. The blood tests came back normal, no infection, but one enzyme was off. That enzyme often points to something is wrong with the gallbladder. It could be the pancreas or liver, but usually the gallbladder. Drinking alcohol could also mess with this enzyme, but I rarely drink alcohol. So with the thought that it might be my gallbladder, she ordered an ultrasound. I have to go to the hospital at 10:30 this morning to have that done. I’ve had to fast since midnight, so I’m not in a good mood without my coffee or breakfast. Anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated. Getting older kind of sucks sometimes. There always seems to be a new health problem.


HuntleyBiGuy said...

Good luck with the ultrasound, Joe. I hope all comes back good.

Anonymous said...


Best of outcomes to you. Hope you get it sorted.
If you infrequently drink...that rules out pancreatitis.
Does your pain increase after ingesting high fat foods?

Hope it is not gallbladder either! Do you drink 64oz of water


Anonymous said...

As Bette Davis once said, "Getting old ain't for sissies." I feel your pain, my friend. Hang in there and got my fingers crossed that whatever is going on is not serious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, all you report is very distressing and most worrying. I wish that I and all of us could do something for you. As ever, Roderick

Joe said...

Alexander, I try not to eat high fat foods, so I haven't really notice. Also, i do drink at least 64 oz off water every day.

Adam said...

So sorry you're hurting. Your symptoms sound like mine when I had gallbladder issues. The pain was awful. In my case the gallbladder was spasming, so it was difficult to diagnose. But when the terrible pain became steady it was clear where it was coming from. I've never been so happy to have surgery and get it removed. Recovery was pretty easy, and I've been fine ever since.

Best to you.