Thursday, September 27, 2018


A few weeks ago, my grouchy, unfriendly neighbor moved out. The new lady who moved in is really nice. I often catch myself talking to her if she’s sitting out on the front porch. She’s definitely a talker, and I’m usually held up if she’s outside when I get home. It’s nice to actually have a neighbor I like and get along with.

Then there is my other new neighbor, he’s cute and kind of sexy. He’s obviously gay. No straight man dresses this well. Actually, it’s lots of different things that makes my gaydar go off. Anyway, I keep trying to find a way to introduce myself, but he keeps slipping through my grasp. He doesn’t seem as keen to meet us, but maybe that will change.


bignate said...

I met my cute (who turned out to be straight) neighbor when we had to shovel ourselves out of a snow storm.

JiEL said...

I live at this place since April 2007.
I'm on the second floor.

In July 2009, two men, gay couple, moved next to my place on the first floor.
They NEVER talked seriously to me since and they obviously know I'm gay because I had a boyfriend living with me from 2009 to 2012.

The only word one of them told me was to move my bird's manger because the crumbs were falling on his «outdoor furniture» on their patio on the back of their condo.
The kind of gay guy with a beard but acting in such a «sisi» way…

His «spouse» said to me a quick «hello» when I was coming back from the grocery and we were taking the grocery bags to our homes.

Those two events were the only time they talked to me since 2009.

I think that some gay guys are such «snobs» that they cannot talk to another gay guy even a neighbor.