Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Godly Care

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. (KJV) ( Proverbs 12:10 ) 

Animals are God’s precious creatures. He placed us above them not just to rule over them, but also to care for them. While it is good to help others in need, we should not forget about the animals in need of our nurturing. There are many shelters that need our help, which can be given through volunteering, fostering, and more. Isabella came from a shelter, and I am so glad I adopted her. She is a wonderful companion.


Susan said...

Isabella is a sweetie. Wishing the two of you many years of companionship.

JiEL said...

Very well told.

I myself have adopter two cats from a shelter named: Maison Le Chat Botté (House of Pussin Boots).

In March 2018 I adopted Lee Lou, a 4yo female black cat. Such a ball of tenderness and love.
Last August 8th, I adopted Adam, a kitten 4 months old at that time. Adam did really choose me because I'm a volunteer to help that cat shelter to drive the cats to the vet or to their homes of foster homes.
Adam is also very loveable and he's just in love with me.
Such a «scotch tape» too… LOL!

There are over 40 cats in that shelter and the women that are taking care of them are doing such a nice work. We also have two vets that give us good care and at a very low price too.

When you adopt one of those cats, they are vaccinated and sterilized too.
The shelter gives alse a kind of guaranty: if in two weeks something wrong occures about your adoption, it takes back the cat and refund you.

So many of those cats have sad stories that are heart braking.
My Adam was part of 4 kittens found on a backstreet of Montreal in a wet box.
Fortunately, a lady found them and called our shelter. She even kept a female kitten of that box.

I saw two weeks ago new born siamese kittens (5) and I have made a reservation to adopt a little male one. That means that I'm going to have 3 cats in my appartement soon…

Loving animals shows the kind of hearted man you are.

Anonymous said...

Joe, glad to have news and also a picture of Isabella, Roderick