Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Travel Hell, Part II

I didn’t fully realize this had happened until last night. I had carefully packed everything I needed for my trip. However, when I got to Pensacola I realized that my glucose meter to check my blood sugar was not in my bag. I distinctly remember picking it up and taking it to my suitcase. I checked all through my luggage and it just wasn’t there. I did notice one thing off though, my bag that I’d neatly packed was in disarray. I didn’t really think much of it at the time because TSA always seems to check my bag and leaves a little note saying the did so. This time though, there was no note. I just thought they may have forgotten.

Then I got home. I searched all over my apartment and my glucose meter is nowhere to be found. I’ve looked everywhere. The only thing I can think that happened is that someone rifled through my bag and stole my glucose meter. I have no idea why someone would steal it, but someone apparently did. Just one more problem to add to my travels.


Susan said...

This is terrible, Joe. In the future, you might consider packing your glucose meter in your carry-on. Take care.

JiEL said...

Sorry to hear about your lost however, you're not the only one that was ripped on a air trip.

Many years ago, a good friend of mine, a straight couple, went to Florida from a small town here in province de Québec. So two stops on the trip back, Florida-Montreal-their town.
When arriving at home and like you going through their luggage, found out that ALL their stuff like jewels, shavers etc. were missing.

Someone had stolen them at the transfer of their luggage at Montreal airport.

So it's not unusual in the flight experience to be victime of such things.

As Susan said, next time put ALL your precious stuff in your hand bag remaining with you in the plane cabin.

After all, loosing your glucose meter isn't that terrible. I have one too and it's easy to purchase another one at a pharmacy.

Anonymous said...

I would go ahead and report it to the airline. Not that they can do much about it, but it might give them some clues that they have someone stealing stuff from luggage. While you have info about your flights you were on, etc.

VRC-Do You! said...

Yes, I would report it so that there would be a record of it. Who knows, they may have other incidents/reports and have narrowed the search down to a few folks at the airport. If they compensate you for it, well that is good but not the point.

João said...

Hope you get really well pretty soon!

Anonymous said...


Report this to anyone who will listen.

What kind of hopeless rat bastard would steal a glucometer.
I'm not sure I believe in karma anymore. But if it exists,
I wish 1000x consequences to the person who did this.
I think a celestial event, (death) is in order.