Friday, June 8, 2012

All About the Party

Sunday is a close friend of mine's birthday, but we are having the party for her tonight.  She generally cooks for me, so tonight as a treat for her, I am cooking a real Italian feast.  Italian food is one of my specialties, so I am cooking chicken piccata as the main course.  I think she will enjoy it. So I'm going shopping in the morning, spending the afternoon with her "partying" and then cooking in the evening for all the guests.  I love to cook for people, so this will be a lot of fun for me, and I hope yummy for the guests.  I think it will be a fun day, and I hope that she will enjoy it. She does so much for me, that I just want to do something special for her.


fan of casey said...

Joe: Take a picture of your culinary creations to share with us.

dcoop005 said...

Have fun, Joe! That chef really heats me up... ;-)

Anonymous said...

That sounds yummy! And very, very, nice! I'm sure it will be a GREAT party!


Peace <3

silvereagle said...

A fantastic way to say "Thank You" -- not something purchased in a store (and made in China most likely), but something from the heart -- as Mama said "Honey. It is made with love and that is the most important ingredient."

Now, if your chef in the photo is availavle, I would also like to have somee friends over...they will not care what the menu is, just wanting to ogle the chef!!!