Friday, March 1, 2013

Nick Ayler and Wise Words

Nick Ayler (April 29, 1987—)
Nick-AylerAn A&F model catapulted to gay-household name status thanks to his idyllic DNA cover, this DJ, dancer and actor has made an impact with his arresting beauty and fitness-model bod. Ayler is a self-starter with a goal of making it not only as a top model but as an actor. In front of the camera, he's about as shy as a bowl of fruit but far more interesting to look at. Visitors to his site are thanked profusely for visiting then told:
"Life has taught me many things since I have started to pursue life in the entertainment industry, but none more self-taught than: Nothing worth having is ever easily had. Patience truly is a virtue. And take advantage of opportunities, not people."


Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm sweating just scrolling down the page!

Peace <3

dirtydan said...

Here is a full nude of him