Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moment of Zen: Guys in Sweatpants

One of the things that I love about cooler weather is the number of guys who wear sweatpants.  A really sexy pair of sweatpants worn with the right kind of underwear or none at all leaves little to the imagination, which I find all the better.  Of course some of the guys above are obviously in warmer weather than most of us are experiencing. Today and tomorrow will be fairly nice here in Alabama, but Monday and Tuesday the lows are expected in the teens.  It makes for a good time to snuggle with a guy in sweatpants and let your hand wonder south of the waistband.

First Resolution Report:

I did three things to mKe myself more assertive this week: 1) I called the vet's office to get HRH better care since she wasn't getting better, 2) I sent an email to an online merchant about their poor customer service, and 3) I set up an online profile to try and find some local gay friends.  These may not sound like huge steps, but they are things I needed to do or wanted to do, and I didn't allow myself be be talked out of it by my own self.  We will see how these things work out.


RB said...

Thanks for sharing resolution status. Following through on #3 will be the most challenging!

Michael Dodd said...

Great job! I find it hard to make appointments and tend to just want things to get better on their own. I have only sent one complaint letter in my life, but I think I managed to make it objective and not offensive. Got no response to it, however, but I did follow through on my resolve never to use that company again. And putting yourself out there is a first step. As the proverb goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Also note that unless other steps follow, you won't get anywhere.

Here's to one-step-at-a-time but one right after another! Maybe you will find that man in sweat pants. (Or maybe you need to be the man in sweat pants who catches the eyes of other guys?)

Mike said...

Good luck on the dating profile!

Jay M. said...

Excellent! Good for you!

Peace <3

silvereagle said...

Way to go!!! Be sure to find a good man with sweat pants for th4 n4xt few nights for sure////going to be mighty chilly I read!