Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back to School

I wasn't supposed to return to school until Tuesday, since the cruise was supposed to be until Sunday and Monday was a holiday.  I was supposed to be in Belize touring ancient Maya ruins today.  However, since I did not go on the cruise and my aunt's funeral was held yesterday, I decided to go back to school today and tomorrow.  It's not particularly what I had planned to do, but why waste the vacation time.  I know that my students have been in good hands; I've had a retired teacher subbing for me this week.  My only reason for taking the rest of the week off would be to keep an eye on HRH and her continued recovery.  HRH, though, is progressing well and has retaken her throne as the ruler of the house, so I'm not too worried about her.

I dread dealing with my students though.  Kids today have no boundaries.  They always ask questions that I would never have dared to ask my teachers.  They will question why I didn't go on the cruise anyway, because they have no sense of duty and family.  They will question why I came back and didn't take the rest of the week back, because they have no sense of responsibility.  They will question the work I left for them to do in my absence, because they have no sense of their own education.  Maybe I can use those questions as a lesson on duty, family, responsibility, and education.  I think all of those lessons are lessons that should be taught to them at home by their parents, but sadly, none of it is taught at home anymore as parents continually expect teachers to do more and more of their responsibilities.  Therefore, I try to teach these lessons to my students, but I try to do it in a way they will understand and not in a way that seems like I'm teaching them a life lesson.  It's a delicate balance, but that's part of being a teacher and molding young minds.


silvereagle said...

Your words speak wisdom....share it with the students just as you have with us. And, it will do you wonders of help to get back in the class room where you will be distracted from every possible angle.

Anonymous said...

I understand you exactly. Students are a real PITA today. But up here, you can deal with the sense of entitlement, too! HAHAHAHA

Glad HRH is better! Best news all week. And I get going back to work. I've done the same thing. Let them bitch.

Peace <3

RB said...

The world now is totally different from when we were young.