Saturday, November 18, 2017

Moment of Zen: Cats


Susan said...

Definitely an MOZ. I'm partial to Persians so the first pic is my cup of tea. The second one looks like baby Isabella, but it's just that: a look-a-like. The third and fourth pics are absolutely her as a kitten and then as a full-grown cat. All of them are so sweet, Joe. Thank you for sharing.

JiEL said...

I like the first pic for that «caty boy» just waiting for me to «pet» him so he could purrrrr a lot.

The cats are nice too... LOL!

My old Picolo (5yo) is kind of «Garfield» spirit: sleeps a lot and love food...
Cheese and some little piece of meat I give him as a treat. Also, he adore his «catnip» herbs. Seems I have a «drug addict» cat. LOL!!

He love to join me in the bed, on the quilt not inside the sheets, and is changing sides as I turn over. Love to be pet there..

Picolo is a calm cat and not a jumping one. He never goes on the counter or any high places.

Just the right cat for me.