Friday, September 6, 2013

Early Morning

I had to get up about an hour early this morning to be at school extra early.  I am not a morning person, which is the reason I usually write my posts the night before and schedule them for the next day.  However, since I have to get up early and I've been busy making out a test for most of the evening, this is going to be a short post.  

You probably know by now that this blog is a bit eclectic, so you never know what you will get.  Silvereagle called my blog "a very varied site" yesterday, and that's true, especially since I'm trying to open up more about myself and be a bit more personal, like the last two posts.  The only problem is that sometimes, actually most of the time, my life is pretty boring.  The more personal posts seem to resonate with my wonderful readers more, so I'm trying.  So just a quick survey and you can post your answers to this question in the comments section below:  what type of post do you most prefer from me? Or, do you just like to be surprised?


silvereagle said...

Let us be astonished each day at the posting!! The variety is amazing and wonderful....but, do continue with your Sunday posts just as they are....sermons without the hoopla that goes with them in the church service...and not really a 'sermon', but a place to begin thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Blogs, like people, evolve. The original concept of blogging was as an online diary. You start out being very personal but as you work through your shit, you begin to add more diversity - and each of those things though seemingly impersonal are still revealing.

I noticed a while back your posts becoming more personal and less vague. I love it. I look forward to seeing where you're headed but still enjoy your regular posts. The least interesting, for me, thing you could do is not be true to yourself.

JiEL said...

Just feel free to post whatever you feel to say.

As Silvereagle and Sean, keep on surprising us..

As a retired teacher, I'm attentive to your interrogations in teaching matter..

Take care and take it easy.
(((( HUGS ))))

Anonymous said...

I find most of what you post interesting. Most interesting is about yourself and how you are revealing your feelings. I detect the repression you are feeling for not being out, especially regarding your job.

I live in the northeast where nearly all LGBT persons are out. I have been with my partner for 30 years and we are married.

Living in the south, I realize that you probably could not come out and keep your job at a religious school. I do wish it could be different for you.

Keep blogging....I read it every day.

Take Care and Be Well.

jlo said...

Surprise us. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. LOVE AND HUGS

naturgesetz said...

Surprise us.

It may be that it is easier to find something to say about a personal post than about a didactic one (for example, I have little to add about most poetry), but that doesn't mean we don't find them interesting.

Unknown said...

I think people are curious about others. When we read about people's lives, it helps us to feel better about our own; Not as "lost in the world". Like there are people that we can relate to out there, even if they don't live in our neighborhood.
Your political stuff always has your own person spin on it, so even that I find interesting.
I like the variety. You've got a good thing going here.

MAC said...

I love surprises.

Richard said...

I like posts which teach me something, whether that something is about you or a part of the world with which I am not familiar.

David Jeffreys said...

My favorites are the history lessons. My least favorite are the religious ones.

Sometimes I feel like I am auditing your college history class, and I just can't get enough!