Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moment of Zen: Goofy Guys

Whether they are just dorky, or they like to make funny faces, a goofy guy is just fun to be around.  When your down or just in an all around bad mood, a goofy guy can bring you out of it.  I usually don't elaborate on my "Moments of Zen" and I just let the pictures speak for themselves, but today, I just thought I should add a little bit of commentary.

I guess I can be a bit goofy at times too.  When a situation gets serious, I try to break the tension with a laugh.  What can always get you out of a bad mood?


Anonymous said...

I love the pic. Would love to capture that dorky tongue with my own.

Peace <3

JiEL said...

Very nice pic to illustrate your point...

I specially like his cute ears.
Cute ears are my «talon d'Achille» (don't know how to say it in English)
I also had some of those «clowns» in my classes..

Have a nice weekend

MAC said...

Hubby's nickname for me is Goofy. There's nothing wrong with being adorkable!!!

Joe said...

JiEL, talon d'Achille translate to Achille's Heel, btw, cute gys like this are my Achilles Heel. I find freckles so adorable.

MAC, Hubby is very licky to have an adorable man, but then all of us who read your blog already knew he was a lucky man.

Jay, me too.