Thursday, November 19, 2020

Oddities of Amazon

Isabella looks at me with the same disdain and
horror when I pick her up. 

Usually, when I order stuff from, I get what I order. I rarely have problems. When I have had problems, it’s because I read the description wrong and inadvertently bought the wrong thing. Usually, this has to do with the size of whatever I ordered. However, I recently ordered a corner shield with adhesive to go on my door frames to stop Isabella from scratching. She was scratching off the paint, and I needed to do something before she caused too much damage. I measured, and the ones I found were the perfect size (3/4 inches wide and 48 inches long), and they came in a pack of five. When I got the notice that they had arrived, I went outside and got them. The box was 5.5 feet long and 5 inches by 5 inches. It was a much larger box than I had anticipated, but Amazon often sends things in inordinately large boxes. I got the box inside and opened it up, and it contained only one corner shield.


I went back to my order and checked to make sure that I had ordered the correct thing, and I had. Amazon just shipped on corner shield. Four were missing. So, I had to contact Amazon, not one of my favorite things to have to do. The good thing is that Amazon is replacing the whole order. Chatting with Amazon is always an interesting experience. I used to chat feature and did not call because I have a hard time understanding their operators, and with my southern accent, they have a hard time understanding me. It’s easier just to type what I need. “Lester” was very helpful, and he put in an order for a replacement. He told me I would get a return shipping label, but I should ignore it. Then he wrote, “Before I let you go, is there anything else I can help you with?” I immediately started to type, “No, thank you for your help, Lester.” However, before I could even get the “No” typed, he cut off the chat. It was a weird exchange, but he put through the request to send a replacement. 


The complete set of five corner shields should arrive on November 25. I hope they do as Isabella is soon going to find out that she cannot scratch the wall anymore, and she will likely move to another door frame. Before anyone suggests that I buy her a scratching post, she has several different scratching toys. She won’t touch any of them. The only plaything I have ever bought her that she will play with are those little toy mice (she prefers live ones, but now that I live in a newer apartment, there aren’t any). She will only play with toy mice as long as they have no catnip in them. She seems to dislike catnip. She did have one other toy that she liked. It was one of those sticks with a string on it, and at the end of the string, there were feathers with a bell attached. The bell was very faint, but no matter where she was or how far under the bed she was hiding, if I jangled that little bell, she’d come running. Sadly, a few months ago, I stepped on it and broke it. I have not been able to find a replacement.

"Do not disturb me."

"What's out there?"

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