Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I'm so glad I got Isabella. She's such a wonderful companion. She stays right next to me almost all the time and follows me around. She may not snuggle but she is still a good companion. I really wish she would stop biting my toes at night. It makes it terribly difficult to sleep. The funny thing is her fascination with her own tail. Edith, my cat back in Alabama, doesn't have a tail, and she is very self-conscious about it. She gets upset when you point out that she has no tail, but Isabella is different. She constantly chases her own tail. She will chase it all over the bed, but she rarely catches it. When she does catch it she doesn't know what to do with it. Kittens are such funny little creatures.


Michael Dodd said...

Another friend has cats that like to nibble his toes when he is trying to sleep. On of out cats likes to lie on top of my feet in bed, but fortunately she does not nibble.

Anonymous said...

Happy for you and Isabella. My husband and I have two cats that are the joy of our lives

Anonymous said...

Good to hear! And, to switch to another topic, what happened with the auto repairs?

The Academic

JiEL said...

My 4yo Picolo cat is just that kind of calm cat.

He sleeps on my cover by my side purring a lot.
In the morning around 6 o'clock, he get his head under my hand and also goes on the pillow and lick my hair so I can get up for his «wet food» to be served.

I love him since I purchased him on May 6th. Already adult, operated and without his claws, he's a soft cat following me all over my home.

Joe said...

The auto repairs went well. The air conditioner was a simple fix if recharging the freon. However, my old tires were bad, so they had to be replaced. That was the biggest expense of it. Otherwise, it all went smoothly.

JiEL said...

Happy to hear about your car repairs.
Did you ask for nitrogen air in your news tires??

If not, it's easy to find a garage that provide that service and it's simple to change the air in them by nitrogen.

I insist that it's the most secure way to have your tires safe without having to be afraid of tires to need more or less air. Nitrogen provides a CONSTANT air pressure on any temperature outside.
Also less danger of blowing out a tire.
My tire provider even warranty it: if I have a flat tire, he'll pay for de repairs.