Thursday, July 14, 2016


My mother is coming to spend the weekend. She and my niece are flying up this morning. This means I had to mother-proof my apartment. No "toys" can be laying around. Everything must be spic and span. I'll close off my bedroom, so that will help, but it also means that Isabella can't be in my bedroom during the day. I have to be emotionally prepared. Etc. etc. etc. I'm sure it will all be fine. We may not even go by my apartment. Well drive by, but we might not stop, especially if I can help it.

I have a full weekend planned. We are going up to Canada to visit a zoo on Friday. Please pray for me that it will go well. Saturday will be filled with Vermont stuff: Ben and Jerry's, Vermont Teddy Bear a Factory, Echo Aquarium, and a few other things around Burlington. Sunday, we will have to see. There are a number of things we could go and do, and I've checked them all out. It will just be up to what my niece wants to do. She's 8, so,of course this trip is really all about her.

Hopefully, it will be a fun weekend and it will be nice to see family. I've missed them. I may complain about my mother, but I love her dearly.

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