Thursday, April 4, 2019


Monday, I started my last museum studies class. Once this one is finished, I’ll have my certificate in museum studies. This class is a bit unlike the others I have taken. The others were completely asynchronous, while this one has a synchronous portion to it. It’s also mostly discussion boards with a final project at the end. I can’t wait to be finished. I’ll feel more legitimate as a museum professional, though things have been going pretty well with work. I’m getting some major programs attached to the museum. I have basically a full schedule for the next year. There are just a few things to firm up, but things are looking good.


silvereagle said...

That beautiful young man is certainly "firmed up". He would be an excellent museum addition!

Anonymous said...

Keep in there, Joe, you are almost done! When does the last Museum course end? Roderick

Joe said...

It's a ten-week course, so I think it's the first or second week in June.