Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On A Dream

By John Keats

As Hermes once took to his feathers light,
    When lulled Argus, baffled, swoon’d and slept,
So on a Delphic reed, my idle spright
    So play’d, so charm’d, so conquer’d, so bereft
The dragon-world of all its hundred eyes;
    And seeing it asleep, so fled away,
Not to pure Ida with its snow-cold skies,
    Nor unto Tempe where Jove griev’d that day;
But to that second circle of sad Hell,
    Where in the gust, the whirlwind, and the flaw
Of rain and hail-stones, lovers need not tell
    Their sorrows—pale were the sweet lips I saw,
Pale were the lips I kiss’d, and fair the form
I floated with, about that melancholy storm.


silvereagle said...

A long step from the Chinese New Year for sure!!! Keats is about as removed as one can journey. This "dream" poem apparently looks again at his preoccupation with death -"pale were the sweet lips I saw, pale were the lips I kissed.." but beyond that I can not comment. More from someone else --- or from JoeBlow???

brotherdoc said...

Joe--what is source of the pix? Yes, we're not in China any more.

Jacob Woods said...

I studied a little about Hermes in high school. Interesting Greek God if I do recall my history correct.

closet professor - do get a hold of me if you can, I would love to guest post on your blog in regards to my self publication of poetry Love and Abomination! I have a press release if you would be interested in viewing it. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll as well. Means the world to me!

Joe said...

Brotherdoc, I haveno idea where this picture came from. I wish I did.

Jacob, send me an email (jec1918@gmail.com), I'd love for you to do a guest post.