Friday, June 7, 2019


What a fucking disaster the trip down was! We were driving a 27' long truck which is just hard to handle. Luckily, I was not the one driving. However, we did get pulled over by the police once because we passed a truck inspection spot and didn't stop. Then we were in two accidents. Ugh! It could hardly have gone any worse. We made it though and got the truck unloaded and ready for the Gala event tonight. Tonight, we will start setting up around 3:45 and be "on" for the guests, happy cheerful faces and all. We probably won't finish until well after midnight tonight. The trip from hell has only just begun. Luckily, once the Gala is over with, I meet with my friend Susan, and we have plans for a much better trip, which includes a Broadway play and who knows what else.

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Dylan said...

Sorry to hear about the hard time, Joe. Hope your day got better. I was in NYC last month with 35 high school seniors on their senior trip. It was wonderful and miserable. I know you will experience wonder in the midst of the misery, having a friend to spend time with. Let us know how the play goes!